16s sequencing MR DNA

Any type of diversity sequencing .. any amplicon such as 16s, ITS, 18s, coi, nifH and more .. only limit is your imagination.. from small amplicons to large amplicons > 5000bp .. long read sequencing with Pac Bio sequel IIe Hi Fi reads for 16s, ITS, 18s and more .. MR DNA is a service provider that will provide great quality data at a low price for your amplicon diversity needs http://www.mrdnalab.com . just email us the primer sequences you wish to use and the size of the amplicon. also any unusual cycling conditions and we can get the work done.. simply send us 20-30ul of good DNA


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  1. our customers are top priority.. getting them great data at a good price in a short amount of time.. http://www.mrdnalab.com

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